Ed Wallace of the Inside Automotive website and the Wheels with Ed Wallace KLIF radio show promotes false narratives as news and proffers automotive consumer advice that benefits his sponsors at the expense of his audience.


Wheels with Ed Wallace Inflames Instead of Informs with Merck Pill Coverage
2021 October 19

The Second Hand News (SHN) segment of the October 16, 2021 edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace exhibited another instance of Wallace employing reporting skills that must have been acquired at the Emily Litella School of Journalism.  Wallace spins news narratives in a manner to build the most outrage within the audience, only to drop a fact at the tail of the story which deflates the whole thing.  It’s the Ed Wallace variation of the Litella “never mind".

This time, Wallace was reporting on Merck's new COVID pill.  It costs $17.74 to manufacture, but Merck will charge $712.  Wallace ponders ♫ how was it that Martin Shkreli was jailed for hiking the price of a drug by 56 times, but the Merck CEO is not jailed for hiking the price of this new drug by 40 times.  Then, Wallace continues by declaring that his prior assertion was fiction.  Martin Shkreli was jailed for securities fraud, not for predatory drug pricing.  “Oh. I'm sorry.  Never mind.".

Wallace’s coverage of a Peloton recall followed the same Litella reporting formula.  It’s a radio form of click bait, where the headline does not match the article’s content. 

As for Emily Litella’s thoughts on this matter:

Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive KLIF Wheels Smirk Pill Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Wheels Smirk Pill

Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Inside Automotive KLIF Wheels Overpriced Rugs Emily Litella: Ed Wallace Wheels Overpriced Rugs

It just goes to show you.  When it comes to Ed Wallace, it’s always something.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  In other words, just another representative instance of Wallace’s Sleight of Hand News.

Wheels with Ed Wallace Repeatedly Fabricates Caller to Disguise a Lack of Audience
2021 October 13
2021 October 17 (Updated)

Wheels with Ed Wallace now promotes fake callers in addition to fake news.  On September 19, 2021, Outside Automotive discussed a caller to the Wheels radio show who was identified as “Lance in Caddo Mills”.  On the prior day, ♫ Lance in Caddo Mills phoned Wallace for information on a G-class Mercedes SUV.  Well, strangely enough, Lance in Caddo Mills was again on the phone with Wheels two weeks later with essentially the ♫ same questions regarding the same Mercedes SUV.  If that alone is not suspicious enough, Lance in Caddo Mills returns to the air again during the very next show, this time asking about four cylinder trucks.  So, something is amiss.

To find that something, a quick scan of callers dating from July 2021 forward produced the following list of appearances of Lance in Caddo Mills:

Caddo Mills Lance Call
(July 3, 2021 Forward)

Purported Reason for Call

August 28

Wants recommendation for a car to tour America.

September 11

Wants recommendation for a full size pickup.

September 18 (11:27AM)

Wants opinion on Porsche versus Jaguar.

September 18 (12:09PM)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.

October 2

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.

October 9

Wants opinion on four-cylinder pickups.

October 16 (new)

Wants input on a Mercedes G-class SUV.


It is self evident from the call acceptance frequency that Lance in Caddo Mills is not a random audience member.  And there appears to be great familiarity in the banter between Lance and Wallace.  Well, a look at the Wheels' radio staff reveals that there is a sound engineer whose name is Lance Anderson.  And a web search for Lance Anderson finds an age-appropriate male named Lance Anderson who lives in Caddo Mills, a small Texas town from which one can quickly commute the 40 interstate highway miles to the Dallas KLIF radio studio.  Hence, there is a Lance Anderson in Caddo Mills whose profile matches that of the Wheels sound engineer Lance Anderson.

Lance in Caddo Mills Lance in Caddo Mills

Furthermore, during the July 31, 2021 Wheels edition, ♫ Ed Wallace pleads for callers, bemoaning that "Lance is literally sitting there doing nothing” and is getting paid for no work.  Since that lament, it appears that Wallace has since found a way for Lance to earn his paycheck.  And that is by having Lance pretend to be a caller such as to obfuscate the show's lack of an audience.  Even with this fabrication, Wallace often begs for calls as the noon hour approaches.

To conclude, who is the fake caller known as "Lance in Caddo Mills"?  It’s a mystery not unlike those encountered in the pop-culture versions of the board game Clue.  And while not every box has been ticked on our Detective’s Notes pad, Outside Automotive is confident in making the following accusation:  It was the Wheels sound engineer, in the KLIF Radio Studio, with the microphone.

Wheels with Ed Wallace Fabricates Caller Wheels with Ed Wallace Fabricates Caller

UPDATE (2021OCT17)

When the fake “Lance in Caddo Mills” caller returned for the October 16, 2021 edition of Wheels with Ed Wallace, the facade that Lance is in Caddo Mills quickly crumbles.  Earlier in the show, Wallace announced that a racing event was taking place in the streets adjacent to the KLIF studio.  During the Caddo Mills Lance “call", ♫ Lance first claims to not be aware that there was going to be a racing event but then immediately proceeds to describe the racetrack's configuration.  Caddo Mills is 40+ miles from the KLIF radio studio.  The racing event was taking place immediately adjacent to the KLIF radio studio.  Lance had to be near KLIF, not in Caddo Mills, to describe the racing event. 

Later in the show, Lance, as Lance the Wheels sound engineer, leaves the KLIF studio to ♫ report live on-air, in-person details from the event.  When Wallace tells him to get deeper into the event, Lance objects saying he has behind-the-scenes work to perform.  Wallace retorts that there are no calls for him to work.

So, further confirmation of the two earlier points.  First, “Lance in Caddo Mills” and "Lance the Wheels sound engineer" are the same person.  Hence, Ed Wallace deceives the audience with a faux caller in addition to the false news narratives.  Second, Wheels with Ed Wallace lacks an audience of sufficient size to sustain his five hour time slot.

Wheels with Ed Wallace Spins Prohibiting In-State Texas Tesla Sales as Consumer Protection
2021 October 11

The October 9, 2021 edition of the Wheels with Ed Wallace show featured a repeat of the false narrative that consumer protection is the reason that Texas law prohibits car manufacturers from owning their dealerships.  As covered previously by Outside Automotive, another automotive show radio host explains that that Texas law exists to protect dealerships.  In fact, radio host, Jerry Reynolds, was part of the lobbyist group who got that anti-consumer, protectionist law passed.

Wallace detests auto manufacturers like Tesla that solely sell directly to consumers.  It eliminates the profit for his sponsoring dealers, therefore blocking any advertising dollars flowing into Wallace's pocket.  So, anytime someone questions the Texas prohibition, Wallace pounces.  In this case, Wallace took issue with the Houston Chronicle Ariana Garcia story about Tesla moving its headquarters to Texas despite not being to sell cars locally in Texas.  ♫ Wallace complains that the title states that one cannot buy a Tesla, while he sees plenty of Tesla vehicles on the Texas road.  Of course, this is another lie by omission, as Wallace skips past the subtitle which clearly states that the prohibition is on local purchases.

Tesla HQ Moving to Texas Tesla HQ Moving to Texas

Later in the show, ♫ Wallace admits that the Houston Chronicle’s article title is correct “to a degree", while pushing the false narrative that the law exists to protect consumers.  Jerry Reynolds, who helped create that law, states clearly that the law was to protect dealerships.  Furthermore, the Texas prohibition on direct sales by auto manufacturers costs the consumer in several ways.  As reported by the public radio show Texas Standard, the lack of in-state dealers caused many Texans who purchased Tesla vehicles to not have received the state's $2,500 incentive for electric cars.  As such, Texas Tesla consumers must follow the more expensive and lengthy process for car purchases made from out-of-state dealers.   Willfully ignoring the unnecessary costs and hurdles imposed by the prohibition on local car manufacturer direct sales, Wallace preaches that the law helps the consumer.  To paraphrase the great President Ronald Reagan:  The most terrifying words in the English language are: “I'm Ed Wallace and I'm here to help.”

As for ♫ Wallace’s assertion that car dealers "couldn’t care less" about Tesla selling cars direct, nothing could be further from the truth.  The Texas Automobile Dealers Association fights every legislative attempt to change the law to allow auto manufacturers such as Tesla to sell directly in Texas.  In 2019, the Texas Automobile Dealers Association went further and backed legislation that would have prevented Tesla from operating its existing in-state service centers.  Texas car dealers might not sue, but they repeatedly lobby [bribe] legislators to pass laws that block their competition.  So, the dealerships actions prove that they care.  And behold, another false narrative from Ed Wallace.

Ed Wallace: No Tesla for you. Ed Wallace: No Tesla for you.

This was not the first time, and it wont be the last time, when Wallace promotes the false narrative that the car manufacturer direct sales prohibition is about consumer protection.  So when it comes to ♫ persons who have destroyed their credibility, Ed Wallace is a premier example of such a person with his lie about why the law exists, his lie that the current Tesla purchase process in Texas is illegal, and his lie that existing Texas dealerships care not about Tesla sales in Texas.

Ed Wallace Ignores Developments That Undermine His False Narratives (Rittenhouse, Wright)
2021 October 8

One could argue that the most interesting takeaway from the September 18, 2021, September 25, 2021 and October 2, 2021 editions of the Wheels with Ed Wallace show is what was not discussed.

The Second Hand News (SHN) segment on both the August 28, 2021 and the September 4, 2021 editions of Wheels featured the Kyle Rittenhouse case of Kenosha, WI.  Kyle Rittenhouse went to Kenosha, WI to protect a business from the ongoing riots.  As is typical of a SHN segment, Wallace manufactured a false narrative by omitting relevant details.

Rittenhouse CVS video CVS "Rittenhouse" video

Ed Wallace focused on found footage taken two weeks before the event, where one hears Rittenhouse pondering the use of deadly force to stop looters while one sees a very low resolution video of activity outside of a CVS.  ♫ Wallace wistfully wonders how jurors will react when viewing that video.  Of course, that is yet another instance of Ed Wallace presenting speculation as fact.  In a subsequent September 17, 2021 hearing, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder denied the introduction of this "other acts" evidence unless other trial evidence makes it admissible.

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "But Schroeder agreed with the defense that all three incidents were likely too dissimilar from the shootings and would improperly suggest that because Rittenhouse did or said something else distasteful, he had the propensity to kill people. He withheld a final ruling on the CVS incident, pending what other evidence comes in at trial, but said he's leaning against allowing it.


Despite consuming two entire SHN segments on this Rittenhouse video, Wallace could find no time to update the audience on any of the three Wheels shows aired since the judge made his ruling on the video.  And, Wallace never linked to this news item from his Inside Automotive website. 

The ignoring subsequent developments that undermine Wallace's narratives is not a rare occurrence.  For example, there is another case where recently found footage further develops a SHN segment.  In the April 17, 2021 SHN segment, Wallace covers the news story about the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota police shooting of Daunte Wright.  Within that SHN segment, Wallace repeats a false narrative four times that Wright was pulled over due to an air freshener hanging from a rearview mirror.  The reality is that Wright was pulled over due to expired license plates. 

Later in the show, ♫ Wallace justifies pushing the false air freshener narrative since he read the source Reason Magazine article before that article was updated with the expired tags correction .  Wallace also states that he was aware of the reports that refuted the air freshener narrative.  Even with this known, Wallace still proceeds to promote a fraudulent 'air freshener’ fiction five days after the 'expired tags' reality was widely reported.

Now, contrast Wallace’s treatment of the Rittenhouse case with his treatment of the Daunte Wright case in regards to newly found footage.  As reported by the Daily Mail on September 9, 2021, recently found footage shows Daunte Wright posing with a gun in woman's bathroom on the night that he 'threatened and robbed her of $820',16 months before he was killed by cop during traffic stop.  Despite the Daily Mail being listed as one of his sources, there was no Inside Automotive link to the story.  Nor was there a Wheels SHN segment devoted to Wallace wistfully wondering how jurors will react when viewing this video at the Duante Wright shooter’s trial, which is scheduled for late November, 2021.

Found Wright video Wright posing with gun video

Ed Wallace often tells the audience that he reports the truth.  Yet, his reporting often omit facts that refute Wallace’s narrative or are outright prevarications.  That is why Wallace keeps telling his audience that his reporting is accurate.  It is a big lie.  And if he keep repeating it, Wallace hopes that people will eventually come to believe it.

Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Promotes False 'Rein of Terror at the Border' Narrative
2021 September 22
2021 September 23 (update)

The September 21, 2021 edition of Inside Automotive headlined a false narrative.  On his link aggregation site, Ed Wallace adulterates the top link by changing the Guardian’s article's title from "White House criticizes border agents who rounded up migrants on horseback" to "Rounding Up Haitians With a Horse and Whip".

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Mislabels Rein-Whip LinkGuardian Title Changed to False Narrative.

Border agents do not carry whips.  The straps are long reins with which to control the horse.  But facts do not matter to Ed Wallace, so now these standard-gear horse reins are tools for a reign of terror.  To whip his readers into a frenzy, Wallace trades in the false narrative of ‘whips'.

Lets take a moment from rock & roll history and allow DEVO's Whip It to set Ed Wallace straight.

Squeals with Ed Wallace. Inside Automotive: Border Patrol Uses WhipEd Wallace: Whiplash.

UPDATE (2021SEP23)

The September 23, 2021 edition of Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive links yet again to the ‘rein of terror’ narrative.  This time, Wallace implicitly concedes that there were no whips by pushing an altered narrative with the link label "Border Patrol Uses Reins Like Whips”.

Inside Automotive: Whip Link Label AdulterationFalse Narrative Version 2.0.

To substantiate that narrative, Ed Wallace links to a news report that presents evidence of that novel assertion.  No, sorry, that would be ethical conduct which is not Wallace's modus operandi. Instead, Wallace links to an OPINION piece by open borders partisan Elvia Diaz, whose twitter account has the tagline “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" and consists of numerous tweets promoting the open borders position.

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive: Links to advocacyElvia Diaz: Open Borders Advocate.

In stark contrast to Wallace's linked opinion piece, KTSM interviewed Paul Ratje, the Las Cruces, New Mexico-based photographer whose images ignited the firestorm over the use of reins.  Ratje was standing on the Mexican side with an unobstructed view of the events.

From KTSM: “I’ve never seen them whip anyone,” Ratje said. “He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”


Unlike KLIF, KTSM employs actual reporters who investigated further:

KTSM Anchor Christina Aguayo and Photojournalist Johnny Munoz interviewed sixth generation Rancher, Kerr Wardlaw:  “Wardlaw explained that the agents who appeared to be swinging their reins in the air were actually using their reins as a tool, to quickly move the rear end of the horse from left to right. He said that the agents were using non-lethal force by using their horses as tools"


Given Wallace’s prior retaliation against a generational rancher making assertions that conflict with his false narratives, Outside Automotive advises generational rancher Kerr Wardlaw to prepare for if and when his date of birth, family member names, gender history, parental funeral website condolence entries and other identity theft inputs are broadcasted to the KLIF audience.

To conclude, Ed Wallace finds a variant false narrative to replace his original false narrative.  And with that new narrative set, proceeds to whip it.  Whip it good.

Wheels with Ed Wallace Applies No-Pay, No-Play Policy to Mercedes
2021 September 19

On July 18, 2021, Outside Automotive noted that Ed Wallace never recommends a Mercedes vehicle to callers and asked: Is this exclusion because Wallace lacks having a Mercedes dealer as a sponsor?  That question has now been explicitly answered.

During the September 18, 2021 edition of the Wheels with Ed Wallace show, a caller from Caddo Mills ♫ asked for Ed Wallace’s impressions regarding a Mercedes SUV.  Normally when asked about a vehicle, Ed Wallace inquires why the caller is interested in the vehicle and then tells what he knows about the car.  Additionally, Wallace often compares and suggests other vehicles that match the given criteria. Furthermore, Wallace is familiar with similar Mercedes SUVs, having recently reviewed on Fox 4 News the 2020 Mercedes GLC 63, 2018 Mercedes GLS 63 AMG, and the 2016 Mercedes GLS 550.  All three feature the desired “♫ boxy style of the Mercedes".

Unfortunately for the Caddo Mills caller, Wallace has no Mercedes dealership as a sponsor.  As such, there is no discussion or comparison of the attributes of the Mercedes SUV.  Nor does Wallace convey his review experiences with similar Mercedes models.  Instead, Wallace provides an irrelevant history lesson of why he lacks a Mercedes sponsor.  ♫ Wallace concludes that he would recommend a Mercedes, but only if one of his “friends" like the Sewell family had a Mercedes dealership.  Since Wallace cannot refer the caller to a Mercedes sponsor, Wallace declines to even provide any insights on the Mercedes SUV despite being familiar with them.  No pay?  No play!   Ed Wallace serves one master. Its not you.

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive Wheels: No Mercedes for you.Ed Wallace: No Mercedes for you.

Given that Wallace admits that he predicates providing vehicle advice upon who sponsors him, how else do these sponsors influence his recommendations?  Does Wallace steer the audience to one model over another due to what is on the dealer's push list instead of which model would best serve the caller? 

To conclude, almost every week, Ed Wallace reminds his audience that he does not assist those who do not purchase vehicles from his sponsors.  This is often accompanied by Wallace recounting a new tale of assisting an audience member when their transaction went bad with one of his sponsors.  Well, if these dealers really are the “best of the best", there should not have been a failure whose resolution required the intervention from some radio host.

Ed Wallace Again Slanders Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Darrell Ankarlo
2021 September 16

Ed Wallace again hurls insults at a radio host who left KLIF in 2006.  Wallace never said anything on air while about Darrell Ankarlo while he was on KLIF and could respond.  Instead, Ed Wallace in 2006 waited until just after Ankarlo left the Dallas market, and then smeared him on air.

A 2012 car accident resulted in Darrell Ankarlo suffering a traumatic brain injury, which forced Ankarlo to leave his radio career.  To salvage some good from a bad situation, Ankarlo started The Ankarlo Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Project to raise awareness and resources for TBI sufferers.

Ankarlo TBI Foundation

It is 2021. Ed Wallace assaults Darrell Ankarlo during his August 1, 2021 Wheels show and again during his ♫ September 11, 2021 Wheels show.  The guy that Wallace describes as a "nut” now pursues charity work.  Due to being off the radio and suffering TBI, Darrell Ankarlo is not around to counter these points taken at his expense.

Also during the same September 11, 2021 Wheels show, Ed Wallace tells an audience member to "♫ Go To He--!" for disparaging someone who is not around to refute points made at their expense.  To apply that standard consistently, Wallace should tell himself the same.

2021 September 10:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Twice Links to False 'Deluged Hospitals' Story

Ed Wallace Inside Automotive News Sources

2021 September 3:  Why Ed Wallace of KLIF Wheels Outed a Transgender Woman

Squeals with Ed Wallace: Inside Automotive / Wheels From California

2021 August 30:  Wheels with Ed Wallace’s Deceptive Presentation of the Rittenhouse Case

Rittenhouse image 

2021 August 29:  Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction (Two Month Streak)

 radio source

2021 August 22:  Ed Wallace Facilitates Identity Theft of Transgender Woman

Ed Wallace Wheels identity theft inputs

2021 August 17:  Ed Wallace Lauds Bumper Sticker that Yearns for the Assassination of the U.S. President

 radio source

2021 August 15:  Ed Wallace Exposes and Disparages Private Citizen For Being A Transgender Woman

Rancher Ashley Watt AP image

2021 August 8:  Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction (Six Week Streak)

  radio source

2021 August 5:  Wheels with Ed Wallace Has Bias Revealing Show Introduction

Ed Wallace Wheels ignore Texas Democrat fugitives

2021 August 1:  Ed Wallace Slanders Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Darrell Ankarlo

School House Rock Preamble

2021 July 26:  Critical Race Theory Is Taught in Public Schools.  Ed Wallace Falsely Claims Otherwise.

Public school CRT invoice

2021 July 18:  Ed Wallace's Post-Purchase Assistance Is Strictly Pay-To-Play

Ed Wallace KLIF Wheels: No Mercedes for you.

2021 July 18:  Ed Wallace Says Audience Does Not Understand That He is ‘On Their Side’ When Exporting Their Jobs

 radio source

2021 July 11:  Ed Wallace Concedes That Mother Jones Is Not Credible

  radio source

2021 July 5:  Ed Wallace Falsely Accuses Project Veritas of Creating False Narratives

Judge Wentz ruling

2021 July 5:  Ed Wallace of Wheels States That Illegal Aliens Overthrow Governments

 radio source

2021 June 28:  Ed Wallace of Wheels Ignores and Understates Facts That Refute His Peloton Narrative

radio source

2021 June 24:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Again Uses Link Label To Render Opinion Instead of Report

Website Source

2021 June 19:  Ed Wallace of Wheels States That He Is ‘Not There to Help’ Listener

radio source

2021 June 11:  Jerry Reynolds Lobbied For Law That Prevents Tesla Dealerships in Texas

radio source

2021 June 3:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Links Again to Socialist Mother Jones

Website Source

2021 May 27:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Again Uses Link Label To Hurl Insult

Website Source

2021 May 26:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Uses Link Label to Call Mike Lindell a ‘Nut’

Website Source

2021 May 23:  Ed Wallace of Wheels Begrudges Providing Advice To Listeners Who Did Not Patronize His Sponsors

radio source

2021 May 22:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Links Twice to Socialist Mother Jones

Website Source

2021 May 17:  Ed Wallace of Wheels Whitewashes BLM Violence

CNN image does not match caption

2021 May 9:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Demonstrates More Elon Musk Sour Grapes

Website Source

2021 May 7:  Ed Wallace’s Inside Automotive Links to Mother Jones, Which Is NOT an Unbiased Source

Website Source

2021 April 17:  Wheels with Ed Wallace’s Sleight of Hand News Segment - Daunte Wright

radio source

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